Are we reading the space around the letters or the letters themselves? Probably a mixture of both. However, the space around the letters usually takes up a much larger proportion, at least until the bold cut. FO-52 was therefore an attempt to reverse the usual additive workflow in type design and force myself to take a subtractive approach. Instead of d esigning letters by drawing and adding elements, I started with a surface and subtracted surfaces from it. Through this process, completely new forms emerge. The result of this experiment is a mechanical-looking typeface that looks like a pattern at first glance. The repeating shapes within the letters interact with each other and the boundary between outside and inside becomes blurred.
FO-52 was featured in the publication “New Aesthetic 3” by Sophia Birkengried and Leonhard Laupichler. Available on “Sorry Press”.

This FO-52 is available free for the time beeing, get in touch via E-mail.

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Marinus Klinksik
Graphic Design