The bachelor thesis 'Shaping 'Future' examines the role that design has played in the last hundred years when it came to formulating socially relevant questions and their answers. The look back is directed at thinkers and designers in the 20th century who thought of design in the context of dreams and visions of an utopian future. However, the view is also directed towards the present in the reproduction of an interview with Anthony Dunne and with the presentation and description of design works as well as current projects and practices like speculative design, which provocatively poses the question of how we want to shape our future.

After all, what is design for? Most people would say that it is about optimizing the function, value and impact of products and services for the mutual benefit of consumers, customers, manufacturers and other stakeholders. Too often, design is about the aspects of problem solving or the usefulness of things. Another approach would be to use design to ask questions rather than give answers or solve problems.

Marinus Klinksik
Graphic Design